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Follow-up of the UNAB CAPACITY BUILDING I project by DAB officials and the documentation they beneficiaries’ stories

In the ongoing pursuit of empowering individuals with visual impairments, the Uganda National Association for the Blind (UNAB) remains committed to ensuring the sustainability and impact of its Capacity Building Project. As part of this commitment, UNAB recently conducted a follow-up session with officials from the District Association of the Blind (DAB) to assess the progress of the project and document the stories of its beneficiaries.

Assessing Progress and Impact

The follow-up session provided an opportunity for UNAB and DAB officials to review the outcomes of the Capacity Building Project and assess its impact on blind individuals in the community. Through discussions, interviews, and surveys, officials gathered valuable insights into the effectiveness of the project in building the capacities of blind individuals, enhancing their skills and knowledge, and promoting their inclusion in society.

Documenting Beneficiary Stories

Central to the follow-up session was the documentation of beneficiary stories, which serve as powerful testimonials of the project’s impact on the lives of individuals with visual impairments. DAB officials interviewed project beneficiaries, capturing their experiences, challenges, and successes as they participated in various capacity building activities such as skills training, entrepreneurship development, and advocacy workshops.

Sharing Successes and Challenges

During the follow-up session, beneficiaries shared inspiring stories of personal growth, empowerment, and resilience in the face of adversity. From starting their own businesses to advocating for their rights in the community, blind individuals showcased the tangible impact of the Capacity Building Project on their lives. However, beneficiaries also highlighted ongoing challenges such as access to resources, discrimination, and limited opportunities for economic empowerment, underscoring the importance of continued support and advocacy efforts.

Ensuring Sustainability and Support

As the follow-up session concluded, UNAB and DAB officials reaffirmed their commitment to ensuring the sustainability and support of the Capacity Building Project. By leveraging partnerships, mobilizing resources, and advocating for policy changes, they pledged to address the challenges identified by beneficiaries and build upon the successes of the project to create lasting impact in the lives of blind individuals.

Celebrating Achievements and Looking Ahead

The follow-up session culminated in a celebration of the achievements and resilience of blind individuals who have benefited from the Capacity Building Project. Their stories serve as a testament to the transformative power of capacity building initiatives in promoting inclusion, empowerment, and social change. As UNAB and DAB officials look ahead, they remain dedicated to building on these achievements and continuing their journey towards a more inclusive and equitable society for all.


The follow-up session between UNAB and DAB officials marked an important milestone in the ongoing journey towards empowering individuals with visual impairments. Through the documentation of beneficiary stories and the assessment of project outcomes, stakeholders gained valuable insights into the impact of the Capacity Building Project and identified opportunities for growth and improvement. As they continue to work together, UNAB and DAB remain committed to advancing the rights and opportunities of blind individuals, ensuring that they have the support and resources they need to thrive and succeed in their communities.