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About Us

Uganda National Association of the Blind is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to positively transform the lives of those with vision loss. Uganda National Association of the Blind serves more than 7,000 people through a variety of free programs, classes and services at centers and community outreach locations throughout Uganda – from Kampala to various counties.

We lead popular national programs like Braille Challenge and white Cane Quest. Our staff and volunteers understand losing your vision can be frightening, and we believe it is not the end of independence, but a new way of living.

UNAB was established in 1970 as one of the first Disabled Peoples` Organisations (DPOs) in Uganda. The association has had it ups and downs over the last decades, but is currently a well recognised DPO in Uganda. UNAB also has a good standing with donors in general, as well as with the African Union of the Blind, AFUB, the World Blind Union, WBU, and with other DPOs in Uganda. NABP did an internal evaluation of UNAB in 2001. The current evaluation is an external evaluation, commissioned by NABP, and carried out by two external and independent

Our rich History dates back nearly 49 years. We are funded almost entirely through private, individual and foundation sources. Generous donors and dedicated efforts by our volunteers enable Uganda National Association for the Blind staff to provide training, programs and services all free of charge.