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About Us

Historical Background.

Uganda National Association of  the Blind is a non-profit and a non-governmental organization that was formed in 1970 with the aim of advocating for the rights of visually impaired person(s) .

Governance structures.

UNAB has the following governance structures

Board of Directors which comprises of , management committee, finance committee, human resource committee, youth committee, education committee and women’s committee.

It also has the secretariat which is headed by the Executive director and also includes other members of staff.

Became a Member.

A district Association of the Blind becomes a member of Uganda National Association of The Blind upon payment of 30,000/= (thirty thousand shillings) as membership fee and annual subscription fee of 20,000/= (twenty thousand shillings).

Current Members.

UNAB has 97 (ninety seven) district associations of the blind who are members.

Our Team

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